Artist Statement

I am very fortunate to be exposed to stunning landscape scenes around my homes in Unionville and Nipissing. Unionville is a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada while Nipissing is in Northern Ontario. Trees in these areas are talking, breathing; lakes are moving, flirting, while the sun generously bathes every plant, every element. The land up north is full of history. The scenery I see around Nipissing makes me think of the first residents, using a piece of birch to travel and a piece of beaver skin to trade. It is the land of Canada’s famous or infamous, if you like, Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven artists who followed him, who largely shaped my vision of nature and how I paint it.  Invasion of the land developers has not yet arrived here!


Artist Biography

Didi Wei lives and works in Unionville and Nipissing, Ontario. She has participated in various exhibitions, most recently in Riverdale ArtWalk in Toronto (2018) and New York Art Expo-Solo Artist. (2018). Galleries in many countries around the world including  United States, England, France, Israel and Spain have asked Didi to exhibit her paintings. She has been invited to exhibit in many galleries and shows such as Gabriel Fine Arts in London, Steidel Fine Art, Ralwins Art Gallery, Winter Salon Strasbourg-France and many more. Didi currently has works held privately in Canada, United States and Taiwan.

Notables: During the 2016 McKay Art Centre Exhibition, “A Day in the Park”, a 24” x 30” Acrylic on canvas painting was purchased by a Federal Liberal Riding Association for presentation by the Honorable John McCullum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to the Honorable Harjit Singh Sajjan, Minister of National Defense.